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    4 september 2021 •

    I am now in a very different place in my head and in my life thanks to her help

    I came to Annemiek at a very low point and in a very dark place within myself and did not realise just how bad until several sessions later. With a full head of the many things going on in my life and in an extreme insecure state. I had convinced myself of an unimaginable number of irrational thoughts that were taking over my daily life and couldn’t deal with it anymore. I came across Annemiek through a friend. From the first moment I felt very comfortable and safe. I was given the space to tell my story, without knowing where and how to start, she asked all the right questions, which often makes you think about how things come about. Using calming technics and looking back over my life experiences that had bought me to this point in my life, and to see how this all started made me realise I had been thinking/dealing with these issues for (far too) many years and it was time to stop, with her help and guidance, we have achieved this. I cannot thank her enough.

    Annemiek is professional in everything; and what is more wonderful is that the sessions were done in English, such a relief to be able to converse in my native language on such topics/issues. Although there were sometimes several weeks between my sessions, she knew exactly what we had talked about last time. That gave an enormous sense of personal attention.

    I find her a calm, sweet and warm person. In addition, Annemiek is also clear about what she can offer, how she can help, etc. Annemiek guides you in this. After 7 sessions we will stop the guidance for the time being. Annemiek expressed that she is confident and proud of all that I have learned and that I can apply the technics I have learnt from her and can continue with this. I am gaining this confidence in myself daily. I often hear Annemiek’s voice in my head and this is very calming and extremely helpful.  I am now in a very different place in my head and in my life thanks to her help. I also have more peace of mind regarding my issues. I can look at it differently and no longer have panic attacks about the world around me. I am confident that from now on, I will be okay. I am so grateful to Annemiek for her guidance and am assured that when (if) needed, she is a phone call/appointment away.

    I would recommend Annemiek in a heartbeat.

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